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Ontario Corn Committee

The hybrids and data in this selector are from the Ontario Corn Committee (OCC) Performance Trials. Extensive efforts have been made to ensure accuracy. In case of discrepancies, please refer to the official OCC printed reports. This selector allows you to compare up to four hybrids over four years of testing. Table results only include head-to-head comparisons (i.e. the selector will only show hybrids that were tested in all years and areas selected).

Select years


Select multiple test locations

Area 1: Dundalk, Harriston, Orangeville
Area 2 - Elora, Port Hope, Kinburn, Winchester, Wingham
Area 3 East - Bainsville, Williamsburg, Winchester
Area 3 West - Blyth, Port Hope, Waterloo
Area 4 - Exeter, Ilderton, Woodstock, Belmont
Area 5 - Ridgetown, Tilbury, Dresden

Generic Economic Return Calculator

Yield: 150 bu/acre
Corn Price: 5.50 $/bu
Seeding Rate: 32000 seeds/acre
Seed Cost: 180 $/bag
Harvest Moisture: 15.5 %
Gross Return $ 825.00
Seeding Cost $ 72.00
Drying Cost $ 0.00
Net Return $ 753.00
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