2023 Trial Locations and General Information – Ontario Hybrid Corn Performance Trials

LocationSee Table NumberHeat Unit Rating5 Year Heat Unit Average 12023 CHU Total 2Soil TypeCo-operatorFinal Plants Per Acre 3Date Planeted 4Date Harvested
Harriston127002770Clay LoamMax von Westerholt35000May 15Nov 15
Dundalk12600N/A2784Clay LoamLeo Blydorp35000May 01Nov 04
Elora22800N/AN/ASilt LoamUniversity of Guelph32000May 11Nov 01
Port Hope T222800N/A3021Clay LoamBruce Hendry35000May 17Nov 13
Kinburn23000N/AN/ASilt LoamPanmure Farms34000May 18Nov 08
Wingham22800N/AN/ASilt LoamRob Warwick34000
Bainsville3E3000N/A2980Clay LoamRob McDonald35000May 17Nov 12
Ottawa3E3000N/A2993ClayAAFC — ORDCN/A 5May 23N/A 5
Winchester3E3000N/AN/AClay LoamOntario CRC — Winchester34000May 12
Blythe3W3000N/AN/ASilt LoamPeter Heinrich34000
Port Hope3W3000N/A3021Clay LoamBruce Hendry35000May 17Nov 13
Waterloo3W2900N/AN/ASandy LoamRosendale Farms Ltd.34000May 10Nov 03
Exeter43050N/AN/ASilt LoamCliff Hicks34000
Ilderton43100N/AN/ASilt LoamRalph Kuebler34000June 01
Woodstock43150N/A3260Silt LoamWes Hart35000May 13Nov 14
Belmont43250N/AN/ASilt LoamClaire Hooker34000May 12Nov 16
Ridgetown53450N/AN/ALoamUniversity of Guelph34000May 10Nov 02
Tilbury53650N/AN/AClayGus Ternoey33000May 18Nov 20
Dresden53600N/AN/ASandy LoamBrent McFadden34000May 11Nov 18

1 Average total heat unit accumulation 2018 – 2022, inclusive.
2 Total heat unit accumulation at location from day of planting to either occurrence of killing frost ( -2 C) or 30-year average end-of-season date.
3 These populations may not be suitable for your farm.
4 All trials planted in 30 inch row widths.
5 Data not included due to emergence issues