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West: Blyth, Dublin, Waterloo

CHU Brand and/or Hybrid Notes2013-2014 averages1 2014 averages2 Results of 2014 Performance Trials
average of 6 trials average of 3 trials BLYTHDUBLINWATERLOO
2650 Maizex MZ 2988DBR B R O9425.311009326.201019325.309026.809526.60
2650 Mycogen Seeds 8211RA W B D R L O    8725.501028524.808926.108725.50
2650 NK Brand N20Y-3220 W B D R O    8626.301049026.608027.208625.00
2650 Pioneer P8906AM W B R L O9425.131029626.001019924.419427.109426.60
2650 Pioneer P8906XR W B D R L9425.931049827.2010410025.909728.909726.90
2650 Pioneer P9188AM W B R L O    10226.9010110425.6010428.1010026.80
2675 NK Brand N21J-3220 W B D R O    9427.801049126.809628.609628.10
2700 DEKALB DKC39-97RIB W B D R L O9826.401029726.901029925.6010029.009326.20
2700 Horizon HZ 797GT R    9827.61999925.619729.319628.01
2700 Hyland, Mycogen 8295RA W B D R L O8726.71998626.50998826.007626.009127.50
2700 PICKSEED PS 2792VT2P RIB B R O    9826.401019324.8010926.909527.40
2700 Pioneer P9188AMX W B D R L O    10027.7010410925.209529.909628.00
2700 Pioneer P9329AM W B R L O9627.311039428.101049727.809328.919327.70
2725 DEKALB DKC40-84RIB W B D R L O    9528.211029126.229928.909629.40
2725 Hyland, Mycogen 8202RA W B D R L O9026.93989127.00998626.409027.019427.50
2750 DEKALB DKC42-42RIB W B D R L O9928.801009629.001009327.609230.3010329.10
2750 Horizon HZ 877 B D R L    9728.00999426.8110328.609528.60
2750 Maizex MZ 3066DBR B R O        9226.43   9826.10
2750 NK Brand N23M-3011A W B D R L    9426.40989324.1010027.809227.30
2750 NK Brand N28D-3111 W B D R L    9728.209910026.619728.109229.90
2750 Pioneer 38N94AM W B R L O9427.431039628.201039728.209328.209828.20
2775 Maizex MZ 3202SMX W B D R L O10628.3110110728.0010111126.3011129.8010128.00
2775 PICKSEED PS 2759     9628.01979826.629828.909328.51
2775 Pioneer P9526AM W B R L O10128.1510010529.1010010827.2010730.5010229.70
2775 PRIDE Seeds A6028G2 RIB B R O    9828.1010110226.309029.4010028.70
2800 Country Farm CF409 W B D R L O9928.619910128.5010010628.619428.2010428.70
2800 DEKALB DKC43-10RIB B R O        10126.41   10329.10
2800 Maizex MZ 312X 10426.659710427.119710225.5110728.8210327.11
2800 Maizex MZ 3484SMX B D R10428.4110210429.2010110527.9010530.0010329.60
2800 Mycogen Seeds 2J337 B D R10027.211029827.801029526.7010329.009827.70
2800 NK Brand N29T-3000GT B D R L    9726.311019624.7210228.709325.50
2800 Pioneer P9411HR W B R L10527.7210110228.2010110326.8010229.4010228.40
2800 PRIDE Seeds A6102G8 RIB W B D R L O    10427.7010010626.3110628.2010028.70
2825 DEKALB DKC43-47RIB W B D R L O10529.6010010529.8010010928.5010431.3010329.80
2825 Hyland, Mycogen 8315RA W B D R L O9728.51989429.70989028.709230.209830.10
2825 PICKSEED PS 2844VT2P RIB B R O10327.219810227.70979925.8110128.4010528.90
2850 DEKALB DKC44-13RIB W B D R L O10429.1010010229.801009928.5010229.8010431.10
2850 Horizon HZ 922 W B D R O    10232.309810430.0110232.109934.70
2850 Hyland 4402 B D R9428.95989429.20988627.409530.1010130.10
2850 Hyland, Mycogen 8395RA W B D R L O9429.01989029.20978828.009028.509131.20
2850 Maizex MZ 3522DBR B R O    9931.10999830.709831.1010131.31
2850 Mycogen Seeds 8380RA W B D R L O        8728.70   9030.40
2850 NK Brand N35T-3110 W B R L    10029.3010210327.809130.6110529.40
2850 Pioneer P9623AM W B R L O        10427.31   10129.20
2850 Pioneer P9675AMXT W B D R L O10228.8210110130.4010010229.709932.1010229.40
2850 Pioneer P9681AM W B R L O    10630.1010110528.7010732.0010629.70
2850 Pioneer P9754AM W B R L O9929.5310010330.401009730.0011131.2010330.00
2850 PRIDE Seeds A6030G8 RIB W B D R L O        9827.90   10230.20
2850 PRIDE Seeds XP6455 W B D R L    10629.109810927.3010730.2010329.70
2875 Country Farm CF440 9829.43979630.81979728.628632.4010331.50
2875 Country Farm CF441 R10328.3110210128.211029927.919827.7110428.90
2875 Country Farm CF466 W B D R L O9931.1110110631.2010210730.0110932.7010330.90
2875 DEKALB DKC45-65RIB W B D R L O    10530.509911028.409932.6010730.60
2875 DEKALB DKC46-07RIB W B D R L O9330.131029130.801029028.319033.809230.40
2875 Hyland 4398 W B D R L9528.21999528.80989128.409629.209728.70
2875 PICKSEED PS 2860VT3P RIB B D R O10131.31999831.60999930.019234.3010230.60
2875 Pioneer P9644AM W B R L O    10530.8010110529.2111032.7010130.50
2900 DEKALB DKC46-17RIB B R O10330.7110110630.7110110328.5211233.4110330.10
2900 DEKALB DKC46-82RIB W B D R L O10130.3010010130.9110010529.419633.3110130.10
2900 Maizex MZ 3515DBR B R O10129.8110110429.4010210527.3111431.209629.70
2900 Maizex MZ 3550SMX W B D R L O10332.1010010732.4010011030.7010935.4010231.10
2900 PICKSEED PS 2902VT2P RIB B R O10327.8110010328.109910327.009928.7010428.70
2900 PICKSEED PS 2918GSX W B D R L10230.219810030.209810329.509030.5010530.70
2900 Pioneer P9789AMXT W B D R L O           11231.4010430.00
2900 PRIDE Seeds A6733G8 RIB W B D R L O    9631.3010010628.408933.109132.30
2925 Country Farm 14501 W B D R L O    10030.90989928.909933.0010130.80
2925 DEKALB DKC47-06RIB W B D R L O    10432.909910431.1010435.0010332.60
2925 Pioneer P9644AMX W B D R L O    10330.3010110628.8010631.319830.80
2925 PRIDE Seeds A6757G8 RIB W B D R L O10433.009910532.209810331.3010833.4010631.90
2950 Hyland, Mycogen 4425 B R L    10833.909910232.6011535.8010833.20
2950 NK Brand N36A-3220 W B D R O10531.119610033.109610130.909935.0010033.40
2950 Pioneer P9807AM W B R L O        10527.92   10331.10
2950 Pioneer P9910AMX W B D R L O    9729.109610027.408529.7110430.10
2950 Pioneer P9917AMX W B D R L O    10430.201009928.5110532.1010829.90
2975 Hyland, Mycogen 8491RA W B D R L O10031.51999932.20989930.719233.9010332.10
2975 Maizex MZ 3985DBR B R O9930.311039931.301029730.9110131.909931.30
3000 Horizon HX 13218E W B D R O    10432.709710730.9110234.4010232.70
3000 Horizon HZ 1026A B D R L    10833.909810531.6011935.7010134.50
3000 NK Brand N42Z-5222A W B D R O10831.919911032.409910829.3011834.5010633.40
3000 Pioneer P0094AM W B R L O10330.639910130.709910029.619931.2010331.20
3000 Pioneer P0157AM W B R L O    10732.0010110830.1010833.2010532.80
3050 Maizex MZ 4092DBR B R O10731.0110110531.7010110330.2010833.2010431.70
3050 Maizex MZ 4107SMX W B D R L O    9832.209910330.109234.009832.40
3050 NK Brand N45P-3011A B D R L10332.3110110532.4010110631.1010933.2010232.90
3050 Pioneer P0157AMX W B D R L O    10432.9010210831.0110533.9010133.70
3050 PRIDE Seeds A7188G8 RIB W B D R L O9931.21989931.60989231.509931.5010531.90
3100 Pioneer P0216AM W B R L O10633.519910433.209710530.909834.9010933.90
3100 Pioneer P0474HR W B R L O10231.6110310132.101039631.4010032.5010632.40
3100 Pioneer P0496AMX W B D R L O    9832.601019731.119833.3010033.40
3150 Pioneer P0506AM W B R L O    10835.6010010834.5011236.8010635.50
  LSD (0.10) for Yield Index Points*3   4   6  8  5  
  Average all hybrids **20029.216318829.706518428.3016930.9021230.00
  European Corn Borer Pressure        

1 Blyth 2013-2014, Dublin 2013-2014, Waterloo 2013-2014

2 Blyth, Dublin, Waterloo

* The LSD is a measure of variability within the trial. Yield indices that differ by an amount less than or equal to the LSD should be considered to be equal.

** Average Yields are shown in bushels per acre. Average Test Weights are shown in kg/hl.

Hybrid selection should be based on the most data available. Emphasis should be put on averages from several locations and years because these provide a more accurate prediction of future performance than do single location results.

Note: The accuracy of moisture measurement decreases as moisture content increases. Results for hybrids with very high moisture contents should be interpreted with caution.